If you lose it, I’ll find it


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Search Locations

Serving the Los Angeles area.

Search Types

Almost any type of search area. Parks, gardens, trails, yards, public or private property.

Cost For My Service

Fuel/Call Out Fee:

I charge a basic Fuel/Call Out fee of $75.00 for the Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale areas. Will do other areas farther away but the Fuel/Call Out Fee will be higher depending on the location.

Finders Fee:

I work on a reward system. In other words; What’s it worth to you, for me to find your property? You and I will negotiate that price on the phone before I arrive at the location to do the search.


A search will almost never last more than one hour. If the lost item is in the area you specify, It isn’t normally difficult to locate with my equipment.

If you’ve lost a ring, set of car keys or other metallic object and it’s important to you either because of it’s dollar value or it’s sentimental value, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. I will do everything I can to recover it for you.

Phone: 626-417-9136

Email: randy@ringfinder.net


My name is Randy Harris. I’ve been metal detecting since 1989. I promise that I will do my very best to recovery your lost property.

Thanks, Randy

If I’m not available to do a search for you, please call Josh Voyda. He is a skilled metal detector and has all the equipment to find your property.
Josh Voyda:   213-219-4690

Email -    voyda@aol.com

Click here to watch this short video on how we find your lost rings etc.


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If you lose a piece of jewelry, car keys or other metallic item, I will do my very best to find it for you. I use the latest metal detecting technology and have been metal detecting since 1989.

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